The International Startup and Company Acceleration Program


This Program is designed for scale up businesses in various sectors like aeronautic, materials engineering, healthcare, IT, management, marketing, tourism, and many others.

This contest is only intended for investors, startups and entrepreneurs with established products or ideas, but who need or want financial support and technical advice.

Aerolab, through a partnership with Atlântica, ensures the investment and development of these businesses through dynamic and consistent synergies with a vast network of partners, from other universities, research laboratories and companies from the most of sectors of activity.


Deadline to apply: October 31, 23:59 WEST

Selection: November 


1. Who is it for and what are the requirements

The competition is intended to:

1) Investors;
2) Startups;
3) Entrepreneurs;
4) Microenterprises.

These organizations must contain:
1) Team formed with a number equal to or greater than 5 members;
2) Development Plan for International Markets;
3) Justifiable turnover.

2. What we propose

As our mission is to foster ideas and projects with synergies that promote their activities in international markets, Aerolab, in partnership with Atlântica – University School of Business Sciences, Health, IT and Engineering, has highly specialized teachers / consultants who will ensure specialized support to competitors.

Aerolab will also promote networking and sharing sessions with business partners and mentors

3. Selection phase

Between July 16 and September 28, our jury will evaluate the ideas and projects received and will select the ones that best suit the investor network.

On October, industry partners, keynote sessions, networking and investor contact will be presented, ending with a pitch to the jury.

After pitching, the jury will select the best ideas and projects to join our program.

4. How to apply
Candidates must complete the application form, until September 28, where they must submit:

1) Description of the project / idea;
2) What problems or needs are encountered;
3) What is the business model;
4) What are the distinguishing elements of the project

Among others.


Is the company installed or connected to a business Incubator?


Company CAE (Classification of Economic Activities)

Identification of the main elements of the shareholder structure of the company (name, Function, percentage in society)

About the business idea

Description of the project and business idea

How long have you been working on the project?

What problem or need does your project respond to?

What is the business model?

Is your project innovative because?

Investment planned for the project?

Motivation to be incubated in the Atlântica Aerolab?